Part 2.
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We are all familiar with the Nazis, who were created by the illuminati under their umbrella, to step forward as needed to promote a certain agenda.

Additionally there are the Jesuits and the Masons but above them are the Parents and Covens, most of whom have left this planet leaving the various illuminati groups or factions to fight over control.

There is also an Asian faction group; the Chinese (not the Chinese people) are involved in the NWO also, as well as Mr. Putin. His role is/was to play good cop in a "good cop/bad" cop routine.

The Chinese are also part of the illuminati, but not ALL the Chinese, it gets difficult but it mostly centered around the Lee family, an ancient family going way back into the dynasties.

What happens in history often, is those ruling families or dynasties or empires are completely erased, or thought to be, but within 2-3 generations they return again.

We saw Nazism 60-70 years ago, but it has raised its ugly head again only its not headquartered in Germany any more, its located in Washington DC, whether you like it or not. The Bushes, the Clintons are all part of that same Nazi group.

Before they changed their name – as is typical for elite families – the Bushes were known as the Scherfs and are also linked with the British Royal family who are also Nazis.

Back to Russia: The Asian group was also working alongside Russia to help the downfall of the US. Not just the dollar, the whole country. The Jesuits are also involved. The Zionists are trying to bring down everything as they have been told they are the “chosen ones”.

They are also referred to as the Anunnaki. They were known as the chosen ones. But there was another group called the Patal who are God’s soldiers or Jesus’ soldiers or whatever name you want to associate with it. The author prefers the word or term for God as “source”.

Meaning within us all is God or source, a particle of God, a particle of Light. The word doesn’t matter, good/bad, dark/light, satan/angel etc. It’s all ancillary.

But this is the issue of all the problems in the Middle East. We’re told its about the oil or some of the ancient ET artifacts that were left behind that have value – not only from a technological point of view but they have value to sell unto other races and species.

And all of that Middle East region has been plagued with war throughout our history. The idea that Africa is the cradle of civilization is another sleight of hand and it’s not, it’s the Middle East and it’s nothing to do with Israel.

Like stated earlier, in the 1800’s they were laying out plans for a State of Israel. It didn’t exist in the past, it’s not in any scriptures, it’s not on any hieroglyphs, no mention of it. This is uncomfortable to many but clear evidence will be discussed later.

So, the Russians and the Chinese are trying to bring the US down, accept Putin, the REAL Putin, found out about it; that the Chinese are using the Russians for this plot and then be wiped out… again.

History repeats.

If you don’t understand the past you cannot solve the future. Russia has an issue with this plot as they are very devout Christian.

Another country that has an issue is Japan because it’s secular, which makes it difficult to divide and conquer those particular countries, which is why they are playing a role currently, today.

*The author, Thomas Williams, states insider information:

Back in 2015, Putin was removed from the planet and attended off-world meetings and apparently received help or information or tools to correct the issues on behalf of humanity.

Remember, everything you have told about the Russian history is a lie, re-written by [them]. Just ask yourself why is it that the world’s problems have always been blamed on Russia, especially most recently.

We must have a Boogieman, right? No.

The real enemy is China (not the Chinese people) and Zionists (not the Jewish people).

People and whatever religion they may believe are typically blamed for the problems when it’s ALWAYS the hidden hand, (or the Invisible Enemy) the asshole behind the curtain.

Is it possible that Putin has received off world assistance and also allies on the ground to alter the plan?

Time will tell.

The Zionist group ousted, in a coup, the Nazi Pope Ratzinger for their takeover of the Vatican. It’s a fracture within the Factions. The illuminati, as it’s known, or the Committee of 300, no longer exist.

They have all broke into factions and are fighting each other for control of the planet. It is difficult but if you really open your eyes you can see it. The current Pope wants to take over the world for the Jesuits.

Unfortunately for him, the secret societies, particularly the P2 Lodge have infiltrated the Jesuits and they want control.

Unbeknownst to the P2 Lodge, the Zionists have infiltrated BOTH of them.

The Vatican’s original plan was to create issues in Jerusalem, we have all heard of the Crusades and we are lead to believe the fighting was over Jesus or Moses but the truth is it is all about the off world entities who were here before us.

The Vatican was setting up Iran to attack Israel and oops… False Flag Event, the Dome of the Rock vanishes, they clear out the area and not only the Palestinians but the people known as the Jews, another group of people used for evil agendas.

Then the Jesuits were going to build the third temple, Solomon’s Temple or whatever you wish to call it and house themselves in a giant walled city in Jerusalem. Not to prevent people from getting out, but stop people from getting in.

And only they would exist. The wall, you should be familiar with it, and the Palestinian people who are being removed while we sadly turn a blind eye to it.

It’s not happening on our land so, we don’t have to deal with it, right?

But this is catastrophic for humanity; when people suffer, we ALL suffer. If you can drop the “my God is better than your God program” maybe you could understand that.

We have all sat back and watched atrocity after atrocity and ignored it. Currently, what is happening to the Uygers in China?

Oh well, it’s not my backyard, so…

(Right now, as I type this out, criminals are being intentionally released into our cities to do what? Guess what, you are in the war now whether you like it or not.)

The overseas atrocities unfortunately are/were being conducted and operated by our Military as sad as that is to say. Largely this is not the soldiers fault as they have been lied to as well.

Over time though, some of our Military should have figured this out and many have, but the majority are simply protecting their paycheck or their lives or their family’s lives which is understandable to a point.

All the lives lost in all the wars, were they to protect Americans lives or save their freedoms?


It’s all to fulfill illuminati and Cabal agendas.

Our military has been used to divide and conquer other Nations and the final Cabal plan is to divide and conquer our country. Split us into regions and make us easier to manage.

There is no more “middle class”. The majority now are working class with a credit card to keep yourself afloat just in case something happens. Most are plunged into a debt cycle that most cannot get out of.

We have to stand up and fight. It takes the people to stand up as one. We are far more powerful than you will ever realize.

But we have been stunted by them with genetics tampering, vaccines, mind control, poor education, other distractions like consumerism, various bullshit entertainment and the main problem; religion.

All religions were created by [them].


Because they are frightened of how powerful we really are.

So, the Jesuits now controlling the Vatican have planned to build the 3rd temple fulfilling the “prophecy” and move into Jerusalem. Currently the Vatican owns 2/3rds of Jerusalem.

But the Zionists got wind of what the Jesuits were planning; to wipe out all the families, all the Freemasons, the Zionists while they carry on with their Transhumanist agenda.

The Zionists learned the truth and have infiltrated the Jesuits who were infiltrated by the P2 Lodge and they are going to build the 3rd temple. Are you connecting the dots yet?

And the people of Israel will not be involved or the Palestinians or the Arabs or the Syrians or the people of Iraq or Jordan.

Basically that wall will go right across the Middle East and they are going to create their own enclave… or so they think. And all these people, these so called immigrants, the refugees, will be “removed.”

Next: The Nazis, which most are aware, came to the US after WW2 “ended” via Project Paperclip. If you don’t know by now how the Nazis infiltrated the US after WW2 you have some serious catching up to do.

They went underground and set up NASA and are in charge of nearly every bank, all education, Food and Drug companies, entertainment…

ALL facets of your life are ran by Nazis... and while we slept, 2-3 generations later, they're here....

They are in league with the Scottish Rite not to be confused with the ordinary Freemasons.

The problem we have in America is we have the Scottish Rite and the Nazis on one side running things who ran things along with the Zionists; the “dual-citizen” people.

So we have a real problem here. America has 3 of the factions within our country who the Jesuits and the Asian families all want to wipe out. That is why we are seeing a systematic takedown of our banking system.

That’s why you are seeing huge Chinese purchases of land and corporations… Hello? AMC Theatres, owned by Wanda Group. The Chinese own most of California.

Rumor has it the Chinese have a whole heap of war paraphernalia including ships and subs off the coast of CA as well as 3 ships off the coast of FL right now. There are reports of strange aereal activity above CA and AZ - that is the ongoing war.

Huawei is DeepState China.

GoOgle and Huawei are in bed together.

We have traitors within our govt.

Some are working for the Chinese, some are working for Iran, some are working for the Royal family or Nazis, some are working for Jesuits, some are working for the Zionists.

And very, very few are working for the American people or the people of planet Earth in general. And that’s why nothing gets done, that’s why there is war between the Media and the President and a war between the Democratic (HaHa) party and us.

The Q movement may be the alternative to all these Factions.

Time will tell.

Stay safe.

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--End Part 2.
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