hey guys. i created a pie chart of the lgbt characters in #themagicians! it creates a very damning image of the way lgbt characters were treated on this show. of 16 lgbt characters, only 6 were alive at the end. @serathegamble @johnthemcnamara
important: please view the notes, as they contextualise why some very minor characters or off-screen characters did not make it into this pie chart, because ultimately i only wanted to focus on characters who mattered for the time they were on screen.
of 6 surviving characters, only 1 is a main character and the original version we started with: eliot waugh. charlton is or was a ghost, hence 'dead/alive'. similarly, marina at the end of s5 is not the original marina, so she's 'dead/alive' too.
javier appeared in a single but significant episode and has not been seen since. anna, marina's girlfriend, is a minor character. quentin's mother didn't get the dignity of a name, but appears in one episode in season four, making a reference to a girlfriend or wife.
when the scope of your living lgbt+ characters only includes one main cast member and 2 characters who didn't even appear in the final season, it says something about the writers. when 64.7% of your lgbt+ characters are dead, it says how you value real lgbt+ people.
lgbt+ viewers watched #themagicians because of what we believed we saw there for ourselves. we saw ourselves in these characters and in their relationships. we identified with them. and we believed that eliot might get a happy ending. that q might. that any number of these might.
look at those numbers and justify them. tell me how #themagicians could possibly care about its lgbt+ characters or viewers. 64.7% of those characters are dead.
64.7% of lgbt+ characters on #themagicians are suicides, are killed in homophobic violence, are brutalised by gods and carved up by people who want to literally use their bodies. the living ones? absent, or forcibly paired off, or alone.
#themagicians never cared about us. and that sucks to come to terms with, because for a very long time, i really believed that they did. this was never just about queliot, or about quentin. it's about a damning pattern. i'll just put that pie chart in this tweet again: 64.7%.
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