Conventional wisdom is a week behind what is really going on: The US had massive growth in cases when they started testing en masse, but last four days their increase (15%,16%,14%,14%, cumulative 73%) has been less than Canada's (18%,15%,13%,18%, cumulative 78%) 1/3 #cdnpoli
I don't expect anyone to notice that they are arguably flattening the curve better than we are for a while since "omg they're the epicentre orange man bad" is a great way for Canada's leaders to distract from the fact we have a big problem here too. 2/3
Canada has the 13th most cases in the world with the 38th largest population, and faster growth than most of those ahead of us (even in absolute numbers faster as oppsoed to percentage compared to a few).
Again, for yesterday as per Worldometer's numbers, of the 15 countries with the most cases, only Turkey reported a larger percentage increase than Canada
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