1. People will treat each other in a truly neighborly way. It’s already happening.
2. People will find creative ways to socialize while still social distancing. It’s already happening.
3. People will not let the arts wither in isolation, and they will find ways to connect with audiences. It’s already happening.
4. People will become more creative and productive, because they have the time and the motivation. It’s already happening.
5. People will reconsider past views about politicians and institutions, and re-assess. It’s already happening.
6. People will adjust and find new jobs and new ways of supporting themselves and their families. It’s already happening.
7. People will accept that there is a right and proper role for government, and reject the Trumpian anti-government populist bullshit. It’s already happening.
8. People will pay more attention to mental health, because they will experience many times how truly fragile mental health is. It’s already happening.
9. People will come together and find a cure for this beast, because so much depends on it. It’s already happening.
10. People will love each other more deeply, because they are seeing for the first time how quickly life can slip away. IT IS HAPPENING.
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