Maps not started yet, but here are the full fundraising numbers for every US House candidate in Texas! Here are the top candidates by Total Contributions. Once again, Crenshaw has a commanding lead. Many more non-incumbents are showing up in the ranks though: 14 of the top 30!
Kathaleen Wall is almost exclusively self-funding, so disregard her total. @GinaOrtizJones has an impressive haul, with no #TX23 GOP in sight! @wendydavis is also the only candidate to outraise a running incumbent by this metric. Though I added a new column this time around...
Individual Contributions, which omits self-funding and committee donations entirely. This is is where things get interesting; @priteshgandhimd, @SiegelForTexas, @JCisnerosTX, and @stephendaniel all outraised their incumbents by this metric. Ron Wright has particularly weak #'s.
Like Gandhi and Siegel, Hutcheson ALSO outraised McCaul, but was eliminated in the primary. And while @SriPKulkarni shows strong #'s, Pierce Bush - the GOP's best fundraiser in #TX22 - couldn't clear the primary either, giving Kulkarni a comfortable lead over Wall and Troy Nehls.
Total Disbursements! Of course, Wall was the top spender, throwing out over $3.2M! She's in a runoff with Nehls, so there's sure to be more where that came from. Cuellar, Granger, and Veasey spent heavily against incoming primary challengers. No clue why Gooden is so high up.
Cash on Hand. Unsurprisingly, incumbents dominate this list. Just like last time, Doggett leads the pack with nearly $5M in the bank. But with a tough primary, Cuellar actually fell two spots! GOJ and Wendy Davis also once again show VERY strong numbers, now in the top ten!
And, just for laughs, top Debts accrued. These are usually caused by massive loans, usually from the candidate themselves. Van Taylor is strangely up there once again. Ekstrom, Cindy Siegel, and Chaparala all spent HUGE amounts of their own money only to lose their primaries.
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