#Breaking the CDC is now recommending all Americans wear masks - cloth masks - not surgical or N95 masks which are in short supply for frontline healthcare workers and first responders #coronavirus #COVID19
President Trump says he himself will not wear a mask
US Surgeon General is now explaining why the CDC has changed positions on masks. What has changed: many with coronavirus have no symptoms and can spread the virus. Thus CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in social settings to prevent the spread from asymptomatic ppl
CDC says that homemade cloth masks will work perfectly well but this does not change need for social distancing etc
Yes folks, we are asking if Canada is shifting position on masks in light of the CDC decision. We will keep you updated. #cdnpoli #coronacanada #coronavirus #COVID19
Trump on telling 3M not to send N95 respirators to Canada and 3M CEO resisting that:
“They can push back all they want”
“We’re not happy with 3M”
Cdn govt talked to 3M CEO today who reassured Minister of Procurement that no shipments have been cancelled or diverted #COVID19
President Trump says if countries with big problems like Spain or Italy who have a long standing order for masks he will allow those to be shipped or would be unfair. #3M #cdnpoli #coronavirus #COVID19
Trump then connects this to the cruise ships which he notes had Canadians on board and that US govt worked closely with Cdn govt to help the people on that ship #3M #cdnpoli #coronavirus #COVID19
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