Rescuing Extremely Deformed and Traumatized Children and Young Adults from Underground Tunnels and D. U. M. B. S.
I recieved this from a friend of mine. In combination with this recent image released from @TheCollectiveQ it is validating this thread.

It's going down!! They've been rescuing kids out of tunnels all night long in NYC. Some are alive and badly deformed, but most in body bags. Taking kids to Samaritans Purse hospital tents. Many many body bags too being recovered with young kids and young teens.

Also list of indictments and those being arrested is out. You will be shocked as to who they arrested. Also raiding tunnels in Los Angeles and rescuing kids. Making arrests everywhere. Too much to write about, I will write more later.

I’m just sick over this, they say the ones alive are deformed and extremely traumatized. They, the military have been blowing up these tunnels too after it’s cleared of all the kids, killing the traffickers in these tunnels.

Please tell (ommited my friends name) there are voice videos of nurses treating these kids and talking about what’s going on and what they see. The Storm has arrived.

Outstanding intel Darren Wilson:
"The toughest mission is coming up under New York City. The tunnels used by Human Traffickers from Pier 92 and 94 that stretch out to the Clinton Foundation . There are about 30 miles of tunnels under New York City.

The Comfort is at Pier 90. This military operation will be toughest on the East Coast. We have had plenty of practice with D.U.M.B.S. in California. This mission is to rescue Children and young Adults from inside the tunnels.

Jim Comey has warned the human traffickers who run the tunnels. So this will be no suprise. The President has asked for a lot of Prayer for this mission. This is the Real Deal. The real reason for all the supplies and hospital beds needed.

The American people need to know what it is like when you are fighting Satan and the Satanic Democrats who run New York City."

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