If anyone would like to join in on the #cancelrent movement I will gladly email you some templates and other resources that will help get you started.

As of March 2020 Governor Cuomo called for a state wide quarantine and with it he requested all businesses to reduce their
their capacity at 50%. Unfortunately many employees were faced with unprecedented termination. We unfortunately weren't the only ones who were affected by the covid-19 outbreak, Many New yorkers have also faced major pay cuts or have fallen I'll all while land lords send rent
notices for the upcoming month. Over 3.3 million Americans have filed for government assistance since the outbreak and that number increases every day. We have won a eviction moratorium that will protect renters from being evicted during this pandemic up until June 2020.
Unfortunately, this falls short in protecting renters who will struggle to pay back the THREE months of rent that they had missed during the crisis. This is why we need to join forces to cancel rent completely during these times of uncertainty. Rent strikes are absolutely legal
in NYC, in fact due to previous rent strikes we have laws that granted us *rent stabilized apartments, rights to repairs and to live in safe housing.*


Before turning a blind eye think of the people in your community that will struggle to
make ends meet, think of the ELDERS. Even if you are able to make rent- unite with us.

I ask anyone who sees this message to stand in solidarity with me.
Share this with your kin.
Sign the petition on my page.
Send an email to BRONXHOUSINGCOMMUNITY@gmail.com so I may send you
resources to help and guide you during this fight.

Please do not be complacent.
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