My fellow Alabamians, effective at 5 p.m. TOMORROW, I am mandating a #StayAtHome order for our entire state. Read the order here: #alpolitics #TogetherAL
Since March 6, we’ve taken several aggressive actions to reduce the spread of #COVID19. Dr. Harris & I have tried everything we knew to do to keep from having to take this next step. But late yesterday, it became obvious that more had to be done. #alpolitics #TogetherAL
I can’t say this anymore clearly— #COVID19 is an imminent threat to our way of life, & you need to understand that we’re past urging people to stay home. It is NOW the law. #alpolitics #TogetherAL
You CAN still go get groceries & medicines. You’re ENCOURAGED to still order food out from your favorite restaurants, but the stores will be required to institute more stringent rules to keep a safe number of customers shopping at any one time. #alpolitics #TogetherAL
My fellow Alabamians, I plead with you to do your part to #StopTheSpread of #COVID19. We’ve got to take this order dead serious; otherwise, the fact is more people will end up dying. #alpolitics #TogetherAL
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