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daily strider hiryu thread

day 1. here he is. (namco × capcom)
day 2. victory screen (mvc1)

he sounds like a philosopher in this game for some reason? lol
day 3. official character art (strider 2)
day 4. during one of the anti-gravity device stages (strider 1)

he really do be vibin tho
day 5. official art (marvel vs capcom 2) aka SIR I FUCKING LOVE YOU
day 6. climbing hook concept art (strider 2)
day 7. N+ card (street fighter x all capcom)
day 8. the first mission (strider 2)

*sort of. it's called mission 0 and takes place before mission 1, but you can only unlock it after beating strider 1 and creating a save file. this is my fav mission story-wise bc the cutscene at the end is suuuper good
day 9. promo art (mvc1) by kinu nishimura

featuring the capcom side of mvc1 (playables + special partners). this is one of my favorite pics ever by one of my favorite artists.

she even put hiryu front and center <3
day 10. JP ps1 boxart (strider 2)

i still want this on my wall
day 11. on a flyer (mvc1)

I only found this recently but it's adorable and I love it. it's also actual promo material for mvc1!
day 12. poster (strider 2)

at least I think it was used as a poster. either way, the use of 3d models here is interesting given that the game's characters are sprites
day 13. character cover art (mvc1)

this pic is part of a very famous image by bengus...
day 14. the actual first mission (strider 2)

if you don't know abt mission 0, this is your first level. and man the music is SO GOOD:
day 15. R+ card (street fighter x all capcom)

I like this card because I used to use this color pallette in marvel 3 :) I use the og one more often now though
day 16. promo image (strider 2014)

i should start posting concept art and such from this game. it's massively underrated and soo much fun. you have a ton of freedom of movement, as well as a new hiryu design i'll talk more about on a later day
day 17. victory pose (umvc3)

goes really nice with zero's and dante's poses. no bias of course.
day 18. character concept art (strider 2)

fairly sure this is by harumaru (main artist for strider 2) but i can't confirm
day 19. end card (mvc2) by bengus

reasons to love marvel vs capcom. seriously. where else can you get an official image of hulk, venom, and strider hiryu together? perfection
day 20. the second mission (strider 2)

seriously this art is so cool. shoutouts to the slowdowns during the chase scene in this level lmao.
day 21. portrait art (namco × capcom)

everyone's portraits look like baby in this game compared to their character art lol
day 22. hiryu vs hien art (strider 2)

yes, this is official, and it's one of my favorite strider pieces ever. it almost makes hiryu look like the villain.

i find strider hien to be a super interesting character, and even more fascinating is his unusual relationship and w hiryu.
day 23. 10th anniversary promo art (mvc2)

to celebrate mvc2's 10th anniversary, capcom rereleased the game and had a bunch more art made! this character art is one of those pieces. maybe if they re-rerelease mvc2, we'll get more...
day 24. alternate cover (strider manga)

i was debating putting images from the strider manga but i already put a strider 1 image so why not. sorry for the bad quality. but yes read this if you can
day 25. sr card (street fighter x all capcom)

based on the hiryu from strider 1!
day 26. the third mission (strider 2)

we go to antarctica for this one. i once saw this really cute fanart of a shivering hiryu standing amongst penguins... I'll post the mission end screen it's based on sometime
day 27. character model (mvci)

we all know mvci looks like trash but hiryu's model is one of the best in the game, if only because he covers his face lol
day 28. arcade flyer (strider 2)

the art style is v different here but i honestly love it! also can we talk about hien in the corner with the white hair their minds!!!!!!
day 29. trading card (strider 2)
day 30. with gamora (mvci)

it was weird how expressive he was in the story (mainly regarding body language not voice), but im p sure they only had like three talking animations for the entire roster lmao. hiryu got it better than most
day 31. stage concept art (strider 2014)

the stage is kazakh city, to be specific. it's technically the only stage. really wish i could find this image in higher def :(
day 32. character portrait (mvci)

once again he has one of the only decent ones, even looking at your health bar can hurt in this game lmao
day 33. the fourth mission (strider 2)

wouldn't be a strider game if we weren't invading balrog, would it?
day 34. the first area (strider 2014)

speaking of balrog, seeing it in the background here is really cool, especially since you know you're going to destroy later. unfortunately if you come back to this area after blowing it up, you can still see it in this level. oversight ig.
day 35. character vs art (mvc2)

he point
day 36. character art (strider nes)

i won't lie, i haven't finished this one because it really doesn't play like mainline strider games and it's infuriating. just read the manga if you want the story lol. i like this art tho he's cute
day 37. with x (mvci)

hiryu spends most of his time in story mode crossing his arms
day 38. another victory screen (mvc1)

another example of hiryu being interpreted as a philosopher in mvc1 for some reason. (the first example is on day 2)
day 39. vengeful (strider manga)

this manga is pretty interesting but i count it as development for the hiryu we know (if that makes sense). this comes from the unofficial english translation you can find online.
day 40. the fifth mission (strider 2)

the final mission as well. i love this art so much that i have no words for it besides "this is sick."
day 41. r card (street fighter x all capcom)

references his umvc3 pose which is neat
day 42. official character art (umvc3)

this is the pose i was talking about in yesterday's post lol.
day 43. dialogue portrait (strider 2)

excited to post some dialogue scenes with this pic in the future
day 44. capcom promo art

featuring mega man volnutt (mega man legends) and hinata wakaba (rival schools).
day 45. confronting hien (strider 2)

cutscene at the end of mission 0 when hiryu finds hien waking the grandmaster
day 46. heralds alt (umvc3)

obtained by playing the heroes and heralds mode. looks p cool on him but i never used these for my characters. too shiny for me
day 47. encountering mariya (strider manga)

i won't spoil the plot, but mariya is an a-rank strider and hiryu's older sister in the manga.
day 48. dialogue portrait (project x zone 2)

i really, REALLY love how he looks in this artstyle
day 49. promo art (strider 2014)
day 50. capcom new years card (2000)

he's right in the middle, making the center of the first 0.

(50 days! thanks to everyone who appreciates hiryu and this thread 💕)
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