At oil meeting, Harold Hamm thanks Trump for talking to Putin and MBS. Cornyn tells Trump the mtg "could not be more timely." Dan Sullivan says he has legislation to deal with this if nothing happens. Ted Cruz says Saudis and Russia “waging economic warfare” in tandem with virus.
Sen. Ted Cruz somehow lost his seat at the table at the oil mtg and was mingling behind reporters. When House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pointed it out, Trump said: “He's gone over to the other side,” getting laughs from participants, per print pooler.
Lots of flattery ongoing as oil interests try to work with Trump for a solution on Saudi and Russian oil dumping. Sen. Kevin Cramer, with a MAGA hat in hand, tells Trump they went from energy security to “dominance." Cruz tells Trump president’s relationship with MBS has helped.
Cruz says “inexcusable” Dems blocked admin request to buy $3B in oil for emergency stockpile, Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Trump tells them to “go back and see” it they can do another bill because doesn’t think anyone could reject it. Brouillette says still purchasing oil anyway.
"We'll get our energy back. I'm with you 1000%. It's a great business. It's a very vital business and honestly. You've been very fair. You've kept energy prices reasonable for a long period of time," Trump tells oil execs and oil senators.
Trump says the oil executives didn't ask for bailout in their meeting at the White House this afternoon.

“We did discuss the concept of tariffs,” he says.
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