USA: OMG! Coronavirus! What should we do?

CALIFORNIA: Shut down your state.

USA: Wait... what? Why?

CALI: Because 40 million people live here & we did it early, & it’s working.

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NEBRASKA: Whoa... whoa... let’s not be hasty now. The President said that this whole coronavirus thing is a Democratic hoax.

CALI: He also said that windmills cause cancer. Shut down your state.

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TEXAS: But he said we only have 15 cases & soon it'll be zero.

CALI: The President can’t count to fifteen nor even spell it. Shut down your state.


CALI: Yes, you too. Just like when Christie shut down the bridge, but it’s your whole state.

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FLORIDA: But what about these kids here on spring break?? They spend a lot of $$$ here!

CALI: They invented the Tide pod challenge. Shut down your state.

LOUISIANA: Wait let’s have Mardi Gras first. It entertains people.

CALI: It also kills them. Shut it down.

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GEORGIA: Ok well how about we keep the state open for all of our mega churches? Maybe we can all pray really hard until the coronavirus just goes away!

CALI: Which is working like a charm for mass shootings. Jesus told us to tell you to shut down your state.

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OKLAHOMA: What about tigers?

CALIFORNIA: What about dentists? Shut it down.

WYOMING: Hold up, shouldn't go county by county like the President said?

CALI: Stop acting like there are counties in WY. There are no counties in WY. WY is a county. Shut it down.

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PENNSYLVANIA: But big coal!

CALI: But big death. Shut it.

WEST VIRGINIA: But we were the last state to get coronavirus!

CALI: & don’t make us tell to you why that was. Shut it down.

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NORTH CAROLINA: But the Republican National Convention is coming here!

CALIFORNIA: SHUT... OK, fine, do what you want.

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Stolen and modified from FB.

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