Q kept telling us to find the #Keystone. Everything has multiple meanings. POTUS tweets out "GREAT news this week regarding the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE".
What is a pipeline? A source to convey substances over a long distance, typically underground.
Lets go on QMap & search: (thread)
So I search 'Keystone' and immediately I realize this drop is coded saying "CIA is here" in kill brackets.
What is the CIA good at? Spying
What is used to spy? Satelites
Theres a lot of references to maps & 40,000 ft views...
So what does all this exactly mean?
POTUS tweets are news
News unlocks messages
POTUS tweets 'Keystone Pipeline'
What is the Keystone?
The pipeline
What is the pipeline?
The underground tunnels of human trafficking
Where are these pipelines?
'Watch the water'
Start reading yellow bottom up and red top down
This is the graphic.
So I continue searching and I click the link to the Victoria's secret pipeline. I then map it out to get a 40,000 ft view. Well, guess what is on either side of the exit point from Manhattan? Pier 90 (USNS Mercy) and the Javits Center. Constricting the pipeline's flow...
CA (USNS Comfort)
NY (USNS Mercy)
How do you stop pipelines?
Constrict exit points
How do you clean out pipelines?
Go inside and bring LIGHT to Darkness
So if the pipelines are the keystone and the keystones are cleared out and the GREAT awakening coincides with clean pipelines..
In the 2nd tweet I left off the bottom 3rd of Q's drop. So now that we have a 40,000 ft view of the keystone pipeline, let's take another look.
Snow White is asleep, under a spell.
'Attention On Deck' (USNS Mercy)
'There is an Active War, P-R-A-Y'
Now we need to paint the 40,000 ft view picture of what exactly the pipeline is and what POTUS/USMIL is doing and where they are doing it.
So if news (POTUS tweet) unlocks message (keystone = pipeline) then we need to search 'pipeline'
This is a direct message to the Cabal. Once S(ynthetic)A(drenochrome)/NG/MIL Assets are activated on US soil, the game is over. Public figured out what Pipeline is/means. Now darkness comes to light. [C]hildren before [D]eclas
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