We learned in a @PennMedicine #COVID19 symposium today that 40% of our #coronavirus patients are under 40. Of course this does not fit the data from other countries, + it does not fit the prevailing narrative that COVID is a disease of the old and infirm.

Could be a fluke...
It could also be a reflection of different patterns of exposure.

Were older adults highly responsive, early, to PA #SocialDistancing recs?

Were younger adults still congregating in mid to late March, the relevant etiologic period for ppl hospitalized now?

I believe YES + YES.
I haven't yet dropped my concern abt St. Patrick's Day celebrations, the bars + pub crawls.

I haven't gotten over young adults w picnics running grps gatherings in the parks.

An alternate hypothesis is that young ppl who are sick are essential workers wo adequate protection
We must examine workplace policies in every single essential profession + make them as protective as possible.


delivery workers
grocery workers
transit workers
sanitation workers
food service workers
social workers
utility workers
#healthcare workers.

Essential workers are at risk.

+ I see evidence that we can do better to protect them, even w EASY steps.

Why are @SEPTA workers expected to idle in their trucks together near the stations? Enclosed space, close contact, WHY?

Why can't ALL grocery stores limit # ppl shopping?
Why can't all grocery stores be told to offer contactless pickup? Safer for staff and customers.

Why are healthcare workers walking home together in snug groups? Can't we establish policies and messaging to continue social distancing in every feasible context?

Examine your org.
And change one thing to make it safer for all your ppl.

Tell us what you've done.

And remember that #COVID19 is a pervasive threat, not a specialized one w a narrow target.

Do whatever you can to slow transmission.

#StayHomeSaveLives TY 🙏
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