It feels as though events are moving faster than ever, just as our capacity to keep track of them has been reduced.

Unfortunately, the decisions that are being made as we speak are likely to fundamentally shape our economy for a generation.
That is why it is more important now than ever that Congress remain vigilant to incursions by this administration and its corporate allies as they rewrite the rules that govern our economy
AFTER announcing they would stand down after narrow impeachment for Trump’s political war on the Biden family, House Democrats have now signalled a greater interest in oversight amidst coronavirus (4/?)
With that in mind, we will be offering a running list of suggestions for targets that are deserving of congressional scrutiny
As @CREWcrew 's Jordan Libovitz told @Politico:

"They're not necessarily doing something nefarious, but if they were, this is what they would do to hide it"

See our separate thread on this:
Of course, there’s more to look into than just crisis profiteering. While some lawmakers attempt to remake voting procedures to withstand the threat of coronavirus, like vote by mail, Trump's campaign operation is fighting them tooth and nail.
Is Trump pushing an unproven and potentially dangerous treatment for personal gain?

By all accounts, those warnings have been borne out, as we document in a separate thread

Why is our public health authority releasing guidance that directly contradicts science? Shouldn’t somebody be looking into this???

This crisis cannot be used as an opportunity to prop up a failing industry. It is Congress' responsibility to monitor the bailout to identify and prevent such corporate incursions
Where there are disaster-driven public policy puzzles, Congress should be asking, what more can the administration be doing to fix it? And, what changes can we make to make that task easier?

But it’s not just Agriculture committee oversight we need.

With this administration, there’s room for every committee to get in on the oversight action.

And, given many of these institutions’ histories, and the Education Department’s lack of interest in holding predatory actors accountable, it is important that lawmakers remain vigilant in following how the schools spend any bailout funds they may receive.

His department significantly narrowed paid family leave provisions and is failing to release guidance that would make clear what employers are required to do to keep workers safe

We joined many other groups to ask Congress to reassert its advice and consent role and compel the administration to offer qualified nominees. The letter also calls for updates to the FVRA to guard against future vacancies on this scale

While the House cannot confirm nominees, it can help force the administration to start filling positions by, for example, withholding funds until it does.

It can also begin gathering the information that will be necessary to effectively update the FVRA

The Trump admin has been shifting resources away from disaster-preparedness & towards immigration enforcement, leaving FEMA with about 20% of its 5000 full-time positions unfilled

How did these vacancies, budget constraints, and leadership turnover contribute to our lack of preparedness for this crisis? What can be done, both in the short- and long- terms to fix these problems?

These sorts of questions should be Congress’ top priority

This, of course, could have been avoided had Congress been paying attention over the last year and not elected to trust in the goodness of Steven Mnuchin’s heart by instead exempting stimulus checks from private debt collection via statute

But with that vastly superior option gone, they can still put pressure on the Treasury Department to reverse this horrendous decision

Except that, as this Bloomberg piece points out: “hedge funds are designed to employ as few people as possible so star traders don’t have to share millions of dollars in fees.” And “the industry gets its name from the premise it can generate gains even when markets fall"

Under the terms of the Fed’s new bond-buying program, fossil fuel companies could win big. A @foe_us report found that:

- Up to $19.4 bn could go to ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Conoco

- Up to $24.1 bn could go to 12 fracking-focused companies

Congress needs to step in and make clear that the Fed should not be accelerating the next collapse by propping up fossil fuel companies in this one.

For those interested in finding other areas that require oversight on their own, this new resource from @accountable_us is sure to be a big help

According to @WaPo, workers across the country have filed at least 3000 complaints with OSHA of unsafe conditions that put them at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

Even as frontline workers die of COVID-19, OSHA *still* has not used its authority to create legally binding standards that would help protect workers from the virus

This is shameful. MOCs should be applying overwhelming pressure on the admin to make them take action.
Hint: One of the CEA economists advising the program used to consult for UnitedHealth and has received funding from the company for non-profit ventures

Just when you think the Trump administration can’t get any worse…

Just kidding, if there’s one thing we’ve learned by this point, they can always get worse.

Still, today’s line-up of oversight targets is a real doozy.

Meanwhile, as gargantuan restaurant chains easily tap into stimulus money, we’re learning every day of new roadblocks for people to get their checks

Finally, the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program is out of money and House Democrats are busy once again trading away all their leverage for a pittance. See our latest thread on what they should be asking for:
Is there no better way to design benefits to account for these very real concerns? How could Congress get rid of this impossible choice in future legislation? These are questions it should be asking itself.

Private banking clients got the first spot in the line and help filling out the onerous paperwork. Unsurprisingly, that meant most got their loans, while thousands of small businesses couldn’t make it in before funds dried up

Elsewhere, Trump continues his crusade to oust anyone who is not sufficiently loyal to him.

It is hard to overstate just how detrimental such a move would be
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