@AustinSteinbart is #Q

This is not an attempt to divide or rile but a statement of Fact.

The only purpose of this thread is to implore you to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Consider the below THEN do your own research.

We MUST evaluate ourselves before evaluating others.

If you are reading this thread you’ve already discovered hidden truth.

The METHOD you employed to get here is among your greatest strengths.

You CHOSE to think for yourself. Don’t stop now!

The GREAT AWAKENING in its simplest terms = THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Seriously consider these questions…

How did you find the light? What processes did you take?

Did you form conclusions before examining the evidence?

Did you rush to judgment with preconceived biases?

#WWG1WGA #QArmy #QAnon @AustinSteinbart
In the age of Mockingbird Media, finding Q can only be a CHOICE.

You CHOSE to think for yourself. You CHOSE to examine the evidence.

Don’t stop now!


#WWG1WGA #QArmy #QAnon @AustinSteinbart
#Q has 3,800+ posts.

Most are cryptic and/or coded. They are NOT easy to dissect.

How much time did u invest in Q drops?

How much time did u invest in Q analysis?

Think back to your methodology: Did you rush to dismiss Q?
Or did you examine the evidence with an open mind?
Be honest:

How much time have you invested in Austin?

#Q has 3800+ posts. Austin has 26 YT videos.

They are NOT cryptic and/or coded. They ARE easy to dissect.

Have you seen them? Any of them? Why not all of them?

Think back to your methodology…

#WWG1WGA #QAnons
You can watch all 26 @AustinSteinbart videos in 3 hours.

Again, how much time did you invest in Q drops?

How much time do you spend in daily research?

This thread is not meant to prove Austin is Q, but to remind you to employ your methodology when considering he may be.
People express annoyance at Austin’s personality:

If you watched his long-format interview, he explains:

The Youtube personality is simply that, a performative personality.

The Great Awakening knows no bounds. It’s meant for ALL.

Different formats, for different audiences.
People express outrage at Austin’s retorts:

Have u seen the vitriol directed towards him?

Why is the standard for his decorum held to a higher standard than those attacking him?

Are u criticizing and condemning rhetoric both ways, or just towards Austin?

Sounds like DTS, no?
People ask why he doesn’t confirm on the boards:

As @AustinSteinbart explained, this would be counterproductive.

People would treat him like Jesus Christ.

Blind allegiance is humanities greatest liability.

When the Mockingbird media is removed, the void CANNOT be filled.
People wonder why the Influencers haven’t endorsed Austin:

Let’s begin with this. The Influencers have been impt contributors, for YEARS.

Their contribution and value cannot be understated.

I sincerely thank them.

They undoubtedly have been integral in awakening thousands.
Q was in part elevated via the Influencers.

That is a fact.

Each of them is a valued resource.

And that is exactly how they should be viewed. As resources.

They are not authorities.

Each of us, collectively, is the authority….

Power, is with the PEOPLE.

Influencers aside, ask yourself:

Where else is dissent discouraged?

Where else is dissent criticized and labeled?

Who is encouraging actual debate?

Who is encouraging EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE?

We must NOT recreate the Mockingbird Media ourselves.

#WWG1WGA @AustinSteinbart
The purpose of this thread is not to prove @AustinSteinbart is Q.


Believing in Q, believing in Austin, MUST be a personal decision.

To successfully complete the Q mission, power has to be restored to the people.

#WWG1WGA #QArmy #QAnons
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