I saw a Cherokee writer there saying the following:

"We don't have as many fluent speakers as there should be to keep our language alive. We’re putting too much of the burden on our children"

I would agree with this statement with regard to #Gàidhlig...
By that I mean there needs to be plenty of support for adult learners of #Gàidhlig; there's only so much you can achieve through provision in schools, including immersion, if there's too few adults in their families & communities not using the language or acquiring the language
I would say that, anecdotally, it's not that Anglophone families who send their kids to GME aren't interested in learning Gaelic, it's that there's a lack of opportunities & ways for them to become fluent so they can speak to their kids. I've met so many parents in that position
I think a lot of people are quick to dismiss older or retired learners of #Gàidhlig when they are often in the rare position of having the time & opportunities to actually learn the language as adults;and they are often the most active in their communities & can make a difference
The problem in that case can be funding & expense, especially if the person is a pensioner or the like, but I know a number of people who heavily influence their wider communities simply because they have the chance to take part in more events & be more social
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