That @foxandfriends @foxnews @POTUS and other nitwits keep pushing Hydroxychloroquine based on an anecdotal study *THAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND* will go down as yet another unbelievable example of the evil combo of the utter incompetence of Trump and the slavish fealty of Fox.../1
...Let's talk about the study itself you fucking @FoxNews morons. You keep hyrdo it as prophylactic. NO study back that. NONE. The anecdotal "study" - which is used to establish an hypothesis, not a conclusion you fucking morons - is about it as a in-hospitalization treatment...
...given youre too stupid to understand what that means: EVEN if it works - & there is no scientifically valid information to establish that- it ONLY works post-infection, post-deterioration. 2nd, the *anecdotal study that raises an hypothesis* you fucking @foxnews morons../3, the anecdotal study that raises an hypothesis DOES NOT EVEN SUGGEST IT AS A CURE. The hypothesist it DOES raise - in this tiny group of people, @potus, @foxandfriends @foxnews & you other fucking morons, is it reduces the viral load of people with high viral load.../4
...again, assuming the anecdotes (the same type of anecdotes that were used to prove Hoxy, laetrile et al cured cancer - oops, they dont) raise a hypothesis that proves to be true, it does not mean cure. No one knows if the viral load goes back up, or if the reduction.... long-term or if the reduction of the viral load means someone is not continuing to be infectious. AIDS researchers were able to reduce the viral load of HIV patients for quite a while before they found a way to reduce the load that had a clinical benefit....
....BUT that reduction never offered people a way of preventing infection, it never "cured" HIV, it simply kept it under control. Same here? WE DONT FUCKING KNOW. What we DO know is that you and all those idiots running off to take the drug to *prevent* COVID-19 never read.../5
...the study, don't know what it means, dont know what it shows, don't know the impact it has, don't know why this type of study means absolutely nothing other than raising a hypothesis. What they DO know? @POTUS wants to find a quick fix so the stock market will go back up.../6
...while @foxandfriends @FoxNews and the other cast of villains will say anything to back up the reckless, irresponsibly, ignorant and incompetent statements of DimwitDon, no matter HOW much damage they do. What damage here? Hydroxychloroquine exists for a reason...
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