So I never write on Twitter, but having gone stir crazy from staying in my house for 😑 14 days...I thought what better time to document my random thoughts then now. If you poor souls are following me #sorrynotsorry
Am I day drinking if I haven’t stopped since 3 nights ago?
My new favorite pass time has been to find weird products online. So far a hammock for your feet under your desk and invisible tape that sucks out your acne have been shipped to my apartment.
If you’re thinking I’ve regained my sanity because I’m not posting on this thread in a minute you’re wrong🙃 I’ve been bonding with my mom🖤
And by bonding I mean sending her memes of 90 day fiancé and binging cringeworthy Tik toks for hours over zoom🙃🙃🙃
Just hit my laptop and yelled “why are you sleeping!” It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.
Graduation commencement was cancelled...I would cry but I haven’t felt emotions since I learned Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia is not the same Paddy’s Pub from Sunny in Philadelphia. #betrayal
I’m so deprived of Sunday Funday I set up a virtual brunch to see my ladies🖤 I will not be broken!
Yes...I did forget to mute the intro to Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends on my Zoom call with my boss. And yes he did call me out on it.
Straight up about to start FaceTiming people and giving them their MASH future predictions
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