#ModiVideoMessage ke gyan me Vigyan ho ya na ho (definitely no science) par Manovigyan jarur he.😯

#WahModijiWah. Modi likes to play with minds, Prime Manipulator. If you think recursively and go into every depth of consequences, you’ll get it. It’s a friday night, think.
Critics, you are contributing too. Only person not involved in the manipulation is the one who is living as if he didn’t saw/heard about this and living completely ignorant. Others are contributing through various mediums. Think of this like a virus. Unengaged is not affected.
I think, given general indian people’s belief systems things can get very superstitious and only thing drives them. We agnostic or atheist will argue but majority is believer public. They understand this only miraculous way not logical. Modi is creating sense of seriousness.

#ModiVideoMessage was targeted to majority ordinary peeps of india. We already understand it so no need to tell us, anything at all, even maybe we know more than they know because of our effective internet usability.
In 2020, almost all middleclass and upper class peeps don’t have candles at home. We have electronic substitutes. So, lakhs or crors of peeps will buy candles along with it, half of them “lage haatho kuchh aur bhi kharidenge” so, little balance is added in shutdown economy.
Even if half of Indian population will believe and follow each and everything modi said, they will contribute saving electricity of value in crors maybe. Think. And then, general public will gain confidence in them (immunity affects) after sense of accomplishing something.
He is using population problem of india and converting it to profit (not only in cash). Great, I’m very impressed how Modi can get very manipulative and sound/act dumb at the same time.
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