Dave calls it "terrible reporting" but I'll DEFEND writer @kari_paul for summarizing the cybersecurity community's own #hyperbole.

Dave notes the story includes NO comments from "security researchers." Okay then, let's do a 7-part thread on THEIR #invectives toward Zoom! https://twitter.com/HackingDave/status/1245879311015579649
2/7 We'll begin with @HackingDave himself. I wouldn't call him an "advocate" for Zoom but he DOES feel compelled to defend them from hyperbole. I've got zero complaints about his efforts.

This here might be the worst thing he's said about Zoom: https://twitter.com/HackingDave/status/1244987758873116679
3/7 Let's move on to @hacks4pancakes. She's opined on Zoom's response to bug reports since 8 July 2019. She's expressed "sympathy" for Zoom yet pummeled them as well. Her adverbs & adjectives include
4/7 Now on to @MalwareJake. He too, has opined on Zoom's security issues since 8 July 2019. His words include
"it's the old 'we care deeply about your privacy' routine"
"lack of action"
"freaking tone deaf" (!)
5/7 A quick aside for @aionescu who wryly observed the #hyperbole among cybersecurity experts before @kari_paul's story hit the newsstands:

"Re: this Zoom UNC Path 'ex-NSA Zero Day' (I love infosec fearmongering)" https://twitter.com/aionescu/status/1245470248314126336
6/7 And thanks to @aionescu I followed the rabbit's trail for "zoom ex-nsa".

It led me straight to @zackwhittaker.

If one wishes to gaslight Kari for #hyperbole, then one must use a flamethrower on Zack! https://twitter.com/zackwhittaker/status/1245350371876315137
7/7 I could go on but you get the point.

Yes: you'll find horrible cybersecurity reporters out there, from @DanielVerton to 🤢🤢🤢 oh God please don't make me name others I need my strength to survive COVID19

But you cybersecurity mofos need to check your #hyperbole FIRST.
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