#BREAKING: KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala says the province has now recorded 6 deaths. He says 4 patients died after being treated at a Durban private hospital. He says the provincial government is considering shutting down the hospital. @NkoRaphael
Zikalala says out of 20 health workers from the hospital who have been screened, 11 have tested positive. He says patients treated at that hospital from 1 March to date are being traced for possible screening. @NkoRaphael
Authorities say the hospital - which is known to EWN - cannot be publicly named as patients who are currently in that hospital need to be updated on the latest developments. Zikalala says the hospital has been instructed not to admit any new patients. @NkoRaphael
EWN has reliably learnt that the emergency department of the hospital has been closed and no new patients will be admitted. The hospital can now be revealed as Netcare’s St. Augustine Hospital in Durban. @NkoRaphael
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