BREAKING: Atomic clusterfux. MoscowMitch's bailout plan was to funnel money to employers as as forgivable loans if they retain and pay their employees. That rolls out today. It will be a disaster and employees wont get the money.
On the bright side, if the $600 unemployment benefit appears more or less real, if you qualify, if you don't get thrown off, and if unemployment agencies can process 20M claims in the next month.
I'm not really blaming businesses here. My wife and I both run small businesses, and I have direct experience with SBA loans. Most small business owners will be better off not taking the loans. Many will take them, run out of money themselves, and lose the forgiveness.
One of the many issues with the unemployment benefit is that if you are a grocery clerk that chooses not to work to try not to die, you probably don't qualify for unemployment.
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