The screen time debate always stemmed from a lack of trust for children. Too many parents and teachers assume the worst, thinking if given the opportunity children would do "nothing". It's not true.
First of all, there is educational value in everything. There isn't a single thing you can do that you don't learn. It's impossible not to learn. Humans are made to do it. We can't help ourselves.
The other reason I didn't fret about screen time is it's obvious knowing how to navigate tech is an essential skill for the future. This is even more evident now with everyone scrambling to learn tech they could have already known, had they been given the freedom to explore.
In my unschooling experience, children are excellent at learning incidentally. They are better at learning things without direct instruction than adults. Their learning is inherent in their daily activities, technology included.
All learning has value. The 1st step in trusting kids's ability to learn is to accept this. What helped me is to observe what they are doing in those terms; to change my perspective. To not discount what the're doing, but to ask "What are they learning by what they are doing?"
Sometimes what they are learning isn't obvious, but it's happening. When it's not apparent to me what the kid's are gaining from the activity, I spend more time with them sharing in that activity. I don't assume there isn't value in it. I assume I just don't know what it is.
I encourage the kids to share their activities with me because we're spending time together which strengthens our bond. It also gives them the opportunity to teach me so they reinforce what they are learning. It helps me to understand them and their priorities.
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