[Quick Guide to Giving #TEENTOP Donations using Toonation]

💜 Firstly, click on any link below

💜 Log in using Twitch/Google/Kakaotalk/PAYCO

Changjo: https://toon.at/donate/changjoda
Ricky: https://toon.at/donate/rickysaranghe
Niel: https://toon.at/donate/unluckyniel
C.A.P: https://toon.at/donate/637197831067155376
💜 Once logged in, press [Purchase Cash]

On Toonation, you have to purchase cash before you can donate to anyone!
💜 Press the button on the side to turn it into [YES] for [Agree to All Terms]

The other terms at the bottom will automatically turn to [YES] too

💜Proceed to click on [I agree with the Terms of Service above.] highlighted in blue right at the bottom!
💜 On the next page.
1. Choose your purchase method. I recommend paypal!

2. Choose the amount you want to purchase (I chose to purchase 10,000won)

3. Turn the button into [YES] by clicking it for [I confirm with the amount & payment method & agree with my payment.]
💜 Scroll down to the bottom.
4. Turn the button to [YES] by clicking on it for [I confirm that I am 19 years old or over and agree with my payment.]

5. Finally! Press [Purchase Cash]
💜 Next, you’ll reach the page of the selected payment method to pay.

💜 After payment, you will be directed to Toonation, to this page that says [ *amount* Cash purchase completed.]

💜Press the X button highlighted in blue at the top right hand side to exit the page!
💜Start Donating!
I am donating to Ricky so Ricky’s name is highlighted in blue.

You can then fix your name, insert the amount you’re donating and also add a message for him! ✨
You can also choose the voice you want your message to be read in!

Refer to image below 👇🏻
💜 You can click on the ▶️ button to test each voiceover! (It’s quite fun 😆)

💜 Once you are done, scroll to the bottom and just press [Donate] ✨✨✨
💜 Wait a few seconds and you will see
[Donated] followed by the date and time you donated!

And you’ve successfully donated to him ✨💜 Wait a few more seconds for him to receive it.
He might see your donation + message on his live stream and read it out! 💜

You can follow @onlychanhee.
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