Sustainability threshold concept #1: Complexity.

This means: seeing the world as interconnected systems, not simple arrangements of cause and effect.

Outcomes are emergent and synergistic, not additive and predictable
Sustainability threshold concept #2: Collaborative institutions.

This means: people are capable of developing social institutions for the effective management of resources

This replaces the myth of the tragedy of the commons (2/n)
Sustainability threshold concept #3: Multiple ways of knowing.

This means: there are many valid ways to see and know the world; We learn more by embracing a plurality of knowledge systems

This replaces: strict positivism--that only science can reveal truth (3/n)
Sustainability threshold concept #4: No panaceas

This means: environmental challenges are unique and place-based, meaning that solutions are diverse and place-based

This replaces: industrial notions of scalability and uniformity as desirable design principles. (4/n)
Sustainability threshold concept #5: Adaptation

This means: sustainability requires flexibility, working with diversity, and accepting change

This replaces: the conflation of sustainability with stability, the industrial program of making the world uniform.
I explore all of these in my new paper with @FACETSJournal (6/6)
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