Please gather around to wish my friend, Hema, the happiest of birthdays. 🎈🎈🎈Allow me this short thread.
This is one of the fiercest women I know. The way she fights for kids and the rest of us is unmatched. She absorbs our pain sometimes so much it hurts. She’s my hero. ✊🏽

Here she is with @nenagerman in Chicago, where I imagined we’d be today.
She keeps me sane. Kicks my ass when I need it. Helps me cry. Aye love. It’s always been love.

This is a memory of San Diego a year ago, when the world made more sense.
So happy for her becoming the 7-12 Director of OAME. It of course she is in this role, because she is about service.

My life has been enriched by knowing her. So Hema, this is my virtual hug to you. You are deeply loved my dear. I wish you profound joy this day.
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