Today is Friday (!) and the final day of our week dedicated to #ReshapingTheCollectible and the varied approaches researchers are taking in their work on the project Today’s thread introduces the work of Hélia Marçal. 1/
Hélia Marçal is a researcher working within Tate’s Time-based Media Conservation team. Time-based media conservators are concerned with preserving works that unfold over time. These might use video, film, software or audio; they might be performances 2/
Hélia’s recently published report starts with a brief history of contemporary art conservation, told through the many projects, conferences and networks organised since the 1990s. ‘Modern materials’ – film, tape, chocolate – were understood to require new tools and techniques. 3/
These materials also prompted conservators to consider their work differently. Conservation is ‘a social activity’ – conducted through conversation, and within a society and its structures. It also creates meaning, shaping what artworks are and how they’re understood. 4/
Split Yinka Shonibare’s The British Library into its constituent parts: 6,328 books, a website, the stories users share. These are sculptural, software-based, performative. Each asks for a different approach. How these are then applied affects what the work ‘becomes’. 5/
Through their interactions, artworks and conservation can be said to ‘become together’: they are ‘co-constitutive practices’. Shonibare’s work may be treated differently if it was entering a museum geared more to software than sculpture; and yet, it changes how Tate works. 6/
When Tate Modern re-opens, you can see Shonibare’s work; it’ll be on display until November 2020. For now, you can still explore the website that forms part of the work, whether by reading other people’s stories or sharing your own:  7/
Hélia is also concerned with the ‘partiality of conservation’. She asks: ‘What are we excluding when we see an artwork in a given way, from a particular perspective?’ What futures could be possible were we to work otherwise, acknowledging and involving ever more perspectives? 8/
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