✨a thread of how people close to mewgulf view their relationship ✨

get yourselves ready cause this pulled on my heart strings.

cr: all video clips posted are from MGSweetheart8 on youtube which i will link at the end. 😊

#มกปฟก #MewGulf
Run: They are the same whether in front or behind the cameras. There is no pretense, no faking.

video clip includes ig stories from captain run which i have never seen before. i was floored. #มกปฟก #MewGulf
Run: they are pi and nong that support each other, often take care and are considerate of each other. #มกปฟก #MewGulf
P’May: They never brush their teeth before kissing; only eat candy. Mew only brushed his teeth once when he ate prawns because he knew gulf was allergic.
my lord and my saviour p’james + reaction team: the second they saw each other after getting out of the car, they greeted each other; like how you would greet your special person. #มกปฟก #MewGulf
✨ MY MOST FAVORITE PART, this legit made me teary-eyed ✨

every single person they encounter: they have their own world (part 1)
#มกปฟก #MewGulf
every single person they encounter: they have their own world (part 2) 🤧
#มกปฟก #MewGulf
Our queen shipper P’May: Speaking without shipping, can you guys get together for real? Looks like you guys love each other so much.

MewGulf: *immediately started singing and pretends not to hear* 💀 #มกปฟก #MewGulf
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