Why did Tunde Irukera bring Pfizer back when his actions back then are public record. It's another epidemic and may be the perfect time to discuss it. He's hounding the journalist 9 years later. He's a lawyer and never sued him.
During the meningitis epidemic, Pfizer tested new antibiotics on Kano Children without approval, about 11 died and others had serious side effects. Years later, the Victims tried to sue Pfizer, the Government via the AG scuttled it.
Then the Government itself decided to sue Pfizer without carrying the victims' lawyer along. Tunde Irukera had been reaching out to victims lawyers before Govt stepped in. He denied this but his own Emails show he was lying.
In case you didn't read that, Tunde reached out to Victims lawyer, offered to work with and was already discussing fees and settlements from the very first Email.
When he was unable to penetrate the victims side, he approached the Govt to represent them and then got the VP in. They negotiated with Pfizer on behalf of victims without Victims lawyer. Pfizer paid $75m. How did they share it and what got to the victims?
The Government Lawyers took $15m, Kano state took $30m, they left a conditional $35m for the victims, to be released by a certain comiteee upon the victims meeting some arbitrary criteria.
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