I live my life in constant guilt and facing external recrimination for belated email replies. Whenever I manage "inbox zero" the feeling of calm, logically, does not last long. Sometimes not even a minute.
I was suggested a strategy, doing a bit of analysis.
Data analysis that is.
I have been quantifying how many of my own emails requiring responses from others go unanswered.
Believe it or not the ratio so far balances things out.
Because I keep moving along and in fact I tend to prioritise other folks' needs (what others expect me to do), I often forget, or do not realise, how many responses or follow-ups I fail to get back.
So doing this little exercise has thrown back interesting insights- some won't believe this but it's not just me who can't always cope like an Olympics table tennis champion.
My own view has always been that we should all, today more than ever, assume that even though the implicit affordance of online technologies is immediacy and synchronicity, our actual human positionings and workloads have different affordances.
End of this thread from the series: microblogging in the times of COVID-19. Cheers.
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