Well that’s disappointing. https://twitter.com/PaulNuki/status/1245829392359542784
Here’s @DrMikeRyan on March 14.
The UK locked down on March 23.

Given that the UK total of deaths is presently doubling every three days, that’s quite a lot of regrets.
Stay safe, everyone, and be more careful than this government tells you. Hunker down this month. Don’t get to agitated around the politics. There’s enough to worry about.
But do not - when the time comes, in 2021 or whenever - do not for one instant forget that the horror of this moment belongs to this government entire. They chose this course at every opportunity, from before it began through the rejection of EU ventilator procurement and on.
It is the most irresponsible, catastrophic, appalling series of bad choices made by a UK administration in my lifetime and probably for a hundred years, and this country will pay that price in mortality.
If we are fortunate - SO fortunate - the WHO Solidarity trial or one of the other tests of therapeutic medicine under way right now will give us a weapon against COVID19. If that happens, 2020 might see us out of the hole.
If it happens, it will owe nothing to the choices of this government. They will have been rescued by the same global scientific community whose warnings they ignored for weeks (and, it would appear, years).
Do not forget. Do not allow this moment to be blurred by the heroics and pathos of the next few weeks. Feel, survive, and care. Be kind. Don’t forget one second allow political history to divide you from those around you. We need each other. But remember.
Because when the vaccine arrives - and it will, in late 2021 - this wretched, mountebank, failure of a government should feel the public boot in its arse so hard and fast it will set new records for democratic fury.

We needed more. They gave us this.
I will never forget, and nor should you.
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