Right on time at 4pm. PM Lee Hsien Loong starts his speech. #coronavirus
PM Lee: By working together we've kept the outbreak under control. But looking at the trend I am worried... unless we take further steps. #coronavirus
PM Lee: We will close most workplaces except for essential services. Markets, F&Bs, clinics, hospitals, transport, banking, utilities remain open. Most others must close. #coronavirus
PM Lee: We will move to full home-based learning starting next Wednesday. #Singapore #coronavirus
PM Lee: We will tighten restrictions on movements and gatherings of people. Stay at home as much as possible, avoid socialising with others beyond your households, go out only to do essential things. #coronavirus
PM Lee recommends ordering takeout, only go for groceries, and to exercise in parks instead of gyms. If we minimise contact, virus won't spread. It's as simple as that. #coronavirus
PM Lee: I know it's very hard to do. We will deploy more safe distancing ambassadors... please cooperate with them. He acknowledges it will be challenging as "it is human nature to want to socialise." #coronavirus
PM Lee ends his speech by saying, "I want to reassure you everything will be alright." He assures there is enough food, and that "you can still get your favorite food at the hawker... but eat at home rather than outside." #coronavirus
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