1/ It is sad that we still see some individuals in our community who do not follow the directions given by health professionals and the @HPA_MV

This is the brutal truth of what might happen if you get infected with COVID19.
2/ COVID 19 is NOT JUST A FLU and it doesn’t discriminate between age groups.

This virus attacks your lower airways and your lungs very aggressively & if you are lucky you will be able to breath properly.
3/ However many patients end up with difficulty in breathing and would have a feeling of suffocation and eventually leads to inability to maintain oxygenation and would require mechanical ventilation.
4/ Mechanical ventilators are the only hope to deliver the oxygen high enough for you to survive this disease.
Imagine a tube down your throat pushing air forcefully down to keep you alive. You will not be able to talk, eat or go to the bathroom.
5/ You will have tubes going in to feed you, you will have cannulas in your veins to give you medication and you will have tubes down your urethra to drain the urine.
6/ You will have to be kept a sleep just to ease your discomfort. However your sedation has to be withheld briefly Everyday just to make sure you are still in there and to assess if you can be taken off the ventilator.
Your family cannot visit you as you will be kept isolated.
7/ The amount of ICU beds with ventilators despite the best efforts would not be sufficient to provide mechanical ventilation to everyone who require it because it simply cannot be manufactured/imported fast enough. More developed countries than us have succumbed to this reality
8/ Please don’t make us chose the patients to save based on the probability of survival just like the health professionals in Italy.

Don’t do it for us. Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

🙏 #stayathome #staysafe #COVID19 #SocialDistancing #farudheezinma #FlattenTheCurve
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