1/ Fact-checking, a love story: Last week: @NYGovCuomo says the state needs 30,000 more ventilators (for a total of 40,000), has 7,000 in storage.
2/ Yesterday, with 3,300 people on ventilators statewide, @NYGovCuomo warns that ventilator demand is rising by 350 a day and the state has only 2,200 ventilators left in its stockpile, giving it just six days left - a warning dutifully parroted by @nytimes...
3/ Exponential modeling, hard. This is not exponential modeling. 3,300 + 2,200 equals what now? So did the state *ever* have 7,000 ventilators stockpiled? (Remember, some of these should be ventilators the hospitals *already* had.) And if so, what happened to the stockpile?
4/ Further, what about that prediction of 140,000 hospital beds and 40,000 ICU beds from LAST WEEK? Is that still operative? Because right now NYS is at less than 1/10 that, with no evidence of exponential growth coming.
5/ This is reporting at its most basic; but apparently the media is more interested in @NYGovCuomo’s nipples and drafting him for president.
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