Since I literally can't find anyone who's compiled firsthand evidence of Saff's preferences anywhere on the Internet, I've done just that. In response to folks who have read in the news that he uses he/him pronouns and prefers Saff to Kelci. 1/?

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I want to say that as someone who has experience dis-associating myself with she/her pronouns, even if there's an inkling that someone uses different pronouns or even mildly dislikes their assigned pronouns, I respect that. I will be using he/him pronouns and the name Saff here.
The source of this information seems to be a tweet from @robertmoor_ and I appreciate that. I was recently asked to provide a "source" for Saff's own preference which is why I'm making this thread. 2/
I haven't seen #TigerKingNetflix and I don't actually intend to watch it. Did some digging, found an author who put together some content having to do with the docuseries who seems to be the source of this. Saff has been interviewed multiple times and across many platforms. 3/
He answers the question of his pronouns in the linked video, an interview on "Hugging the Cactus" at timestamp 37:45. 4/
Saff says he appreciates people "standing up" about his pronouns and name, but he prefers not to correct people because "they should do them, and I'll do me." He isn't offended by people not knowing/not using his pronouns, and doesn't seem to have a strong preference. 5/
By no means do I want to put words in anyone's mouth. I'm just reporting on what I have found, which come from a person who has had working contact with him, from his personal Twitter, confirmed by the interview I linked, and from himself verbally in that interview. 6/
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