I hate myself too okay
Can we appreciate that miranda cosgrove worked from the time she was a child till she went off to college... like nonstop... the POWER
If yall keep comparing super m on all that to 1d on icarly...

The RANDY JACKSON EPISODE what DRUGS were the writers on??? Which of them were obsessed with him!?!?!?!?
Update: I'm on s4 lmaooo
Been too busy with animal crossing to update but the nora episode is the best ep of icarly!!!!
Just watched the penny tees episode! Truly one of the greats
I forgot victorious and icarly were airing simultaneously at one point!! This crossover ep is *chef's kiss*
The boyfriend in question is HOT even to my standards today which says a lot
Also I HATE HATE HATE the prosthetics they did to hide their appearance... nightmare fuel
I CANNOT SLEEP NOW I forgot how SCARY they looked
Some hills have eyes shit 🤐🤐
I cry
Its SO good and well done and makes me cry and wowza this show has been over for so long but I wish it'd never end
I remember watching this LIVE and my heart literally cracking
Saying goodbye to characters in tv shows... is one of the worst feelings to me. I literally will have a breakdown cause you can TELL just how sad the cast is
I wonder what the victorious ending would've felt like
I have a lump in my throat !!!! a lump
When they do flashbacks... fuck me
The show really grew up alongside us and its wild to see how much they changed in those years and also how much I changed too
The red light turning green... SYMBOLISM
Welp this wraps this thread. Onto Zoey 101 where I cant cry cause only anger lives in that ending
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