The circus continues. Never mind how this will be misinterpreted and many would again let go of social distancing and celebrate this 'Diwali' The never ending drama of delusional mind. #coronavirusindia #CoronaLockdownIndia
I guess India is not a real place with real people who need real scientific solutions to pandemic. It is a mythical land where somehow all our problems will disappear magically by doing nautanki. May God save this country. #coronavirusindia #CoronaLockdownIndia
Nevermind the absurdity, Modi is indulging in monumental waste of captive attention by not spreading scientific SOPs to follow, precautions to take & cooperation to extend to medical fraternity. Such imp messaging could be done instead of nautanki. Tragic waste! #COVID2019india
On top of all this wasteful drama, every time such inanities are perpetuated, dumb Modi bhakts including educated elites start proclaiming that how liberals don’t understand importance of such nautanki for poor rural population! As if they don’t deserve medical knowledge! Idiots!
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