#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The initial gains in #flatteningthecurve have been reversed. From the last five days, India is back to a growth rate where confirmed cases double every 3 days.
Growth rate in last 5 days is 23.3% - so cases doubling every 3 days. Everything that we do as a country (and don’t) will impact this outbreak. Without the early travel bans and closures we would have a total > 5200 today. So #StayAtHome and #savelife 🤞🏽
Compound daily growth rate is inching higher - and stands at 13.25% (need to reverse this!). Hopefully the effect of #Lockdown21 will begin to show in 3/4 days. 🤞🏽
#COVID related death rate increasing. Look at Japan and South Korea - the only two countries to stabilize COVID death rates.
Total confirmed cases = active +recovered + deaths
Germany and South Korea steadily recovering; Italy/France/Spain continue to struggle. US seeing steady increase in cases.
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