Let's show you how opportunists like Michelle Malkin and Tucker Carlson make their money.

The explanation for this is obvious.

First tweet.
Second tweet.
Third and last tweet.
First of all, the donations were made by private organizations, and they were miniscule.
"The shipments carried 220,000 respirator masks, 870 pairs of protective goggles and more than 6,500 pairs of protective coveralls."
We find the answer in a deliberately obtuse piece written by Malkin.
"The State Department facilitated the delivery of these medical supplies to Project HOPE in China on flights that ultimately brought home over 800 American citizens back from Wuhan at the outbreak of the pandemic."
How many times have I explained that the major driving force in the Far East and the Middle East is "face"?

People simply WILL NOT COOPERATE unless there's a face-saving gesture made.
So we facilitated the delivery of a piddling amount of supplies in exchange for...800 Americans.

You think they were all civilians stuck in Wuhan?

Come on.

Th State Department isn't talking about it because it's a question of national security.
We'll never know who all those people are.

And obviously that's important.

No matter HOW SUCCESSFUL Trump is, we're going to have losers on both sides of the political aisle demanding that we return to failure.
Failure is how right-wing pundits made themselves into big cheeses and left-wing politicians got elected.

Today I spent several hours helping out a guy.

We have a very long and strange relationship. You could call him my adoptive son.
He's a very gifted code writer and Web designer who owes his fall from grace to his own bad judgment and Google.

In the early 2000s, Google had an ad system that allowed Web designers to make millions.
Every company wanted ads that appeared alongside search results.

As you can see, today there are no ads.
My adoptive son made thousands of one-page Websites for companies.

You clicked the ad and went to the page selling a single product.

My son got money for every click.

He made about $8 million a year beginning at the age of 17.

And he blew every cent of it.
He bought houses, cars, and clothes.

He traveled all over the world.

He paid for everything for his blue-collar friends.

(He's blue-collar himself.)
And then one day, Google changed the way it used ads, and my son's income dropped to zero.

He had to sell everything, and he started getting sick.

This is a very damaged man. When he lost everything, he fell into a deep depression.
We met through being ripped off by the same con artist, a guy who was tracked down by someone ELSE Who he ripped off.

The tracker told me he was going to use bolt cutters on the con artists toes until he signed over all his property.
"You want in on this?" the tracker asked.

I politely declined.

But I'm the one who gave the tracker the con artist's address. I was able to locate him through his Facebook photos. I looked through years of real-estate ads to find the house in the photos.
So that's how I met my son.

In exchange for work he's done for me that I won't describe, I've paid for multiple surgeries and new teeth.

His last surgery is scheduled for two weeks from now, and he's petrified.
His years of illness have left him with a compromised immune system, so he thinks he's going to die from COVID-19.

We talked for a couple of hours, and I was able to mitigate his fear.
It's the fault of the leftist press and "conservative" opportunists that so many people are off their rockers.

I've said for a long time that this is Armageddon, but I thought that it was a purely spiritual event.

Now we see that it's much closer to the Biblical concept.
Today's COVID-19 press conference had the stupidest questions yet.

It's was funny to watch the entire stage openly insult the press and the Democrats--sorry for the repetition--and there was no reaction.
Now, Trump and his people simply say, "It's a fake story. Next question."

It was the first time I've seen Treasure Secretary Mnuchin lose patience with the storm of moronism that he regularly experiences.

Nobody knows how anything works.
The Democrats are continuing to commit suicidal blunders.

Trump and Jared Kushner explained that governors and mayors are incompetent liars who don't know the basics of their jobs and are tying to score political points.
We're supposed to #boycott3m.

Nobody even knows why.

THIS isn't happening.
That idiot's semi-functional brain somehow garbled Michelle Malkin's stupid story.

THIS isn't happening.
The accusation is that 3M's DISTRIBUTORS--separate companies--are price gouging.

And 3M CEO Michael Romans is a...Democrat.
"At 3M, CEO Michael Romans only personal donation in Minnesotas 2018 federal elections was to incumbent Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar."
My adoptive son thinks the world is falling apart.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and the press and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

"Aren't you even nervous?" my son asked me?

Not in the slightest.

@realDonaldTrump's got this.

How in the world could I be nervous?

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