I tell ya...

There's a huge amount of these tech and infosec force unfollows I'm doing where I'm like "Ahhh"

I only got into both spheres due to seeking help with stalkers.

I ended up getting derided, and in the case of InfosecStu hats, taken for a sociopathic narcissist ride
Teased, gaslit, and taken the piss out of.

During once such period talking to multiple "Talking Heads", I was struggling with several intrusions, to email, etc. Accounts wiped. Archives destroyed. Creative work deleted.

For a bit it was fairly relentless.
I kept a load on for any useful tech/sec information that might pop up.

It's quite a relief to be removing 'em all now.

Rather than have to continue watching them pretend to find their humanity and empathy.
And the clique gaslighting covering for people, it's fucking wild. Showing people logs of people like comradeeevee acting the narcissist sociopath...

"I saw nothing...that's not a rabbit hole I am going down...are you making these names up...."

-shakes head-
Or the whole weird shit with "getting help" to have a "secure" email for reproductive rights charity with Microsoft by Havokchaos and Carmen Crincoli, only to have it wildly sabotaged, and then slandered as a paranoid loon behind my back,
with Carmen telling everyone he knew my full story!? The fuck....

But then parallel, the artistry of schoolyard exclusion and power and control is practiced quite well, Ladysecitup certainly fucked around with that, as did others.
I ended up believing them...and didn't find out I was an original thread member until someone made a gift for Ned...

but carefully pointedly excluded - weird fucking toxic fuckin' people...

ComradeEevee and others all loudly suspicious of Naomi Wu when asked to support..
At the same time as being friends with and defending actual nazis, red pill incel, white supremacist misogynists.

Kate Brew getting angry for being corrected on my gender.

Jess Dodson misgendering me and accusing me of fabricating my sexual assault and attempted murder.
Running to the "Women in Tech, White Feminists" to further misgender, further victim shame, and when I began to post screens of logs to show she was lying and whistling up drama to social climb...incite a dogpile of people to accuse me that the screens were doctored.
Y'all fucking horrible suspicious nasty people who never left school and never grew up.

Kate M covering for "Jericho or Squirrels or whatever his name is"

Vaunted professionals covering for people threatening to release medical malware...
I'm too fucking bored of it to get the screenshot where ComradeEevee admits she was worried of being implicated in a fucking felony...

Using illmob as their bogeyman...

Infosec is fucked because it is rotten, and unfixable, and filled with narcissist scumbags
People cosying up to you to tell you about this crime they committed before they got their job at Google...to see what they can pump out of you... "Nah, literally what's on the medium about my landlord is all there is..."

It's like the lost boys...but the book version
Ask for a bit of mentorship in OSINT, due to stalking, get directed to a podcast the first five minutes of which is three or four obese basement marshmallows doing a misogynist bit on something like fuckable women.
Come back to mentor-y type person and ask is every episode this misogynistic, cause it's outright offensive and difficult to listen to. Get ignored.

That's Da.

When I went to Da about 8chan being pulled down, where I was concerned about basically, and get this
the destruction of evidence and archives of criminal activity. And how it felt like things had got too hot and a group of involved connected tech people had pulled the fucking plug.

And how it was a bad idea....
I got this cryptic fucking conversation about how we all worried about things we had said on certain forums, but that they thought it was gonna be okay now...shouldn't have anything to worry about or some shit
and i'm like...
Dude, I'm not asking you if I'm safe because I was there being a cunt...I'm angry they destroyed evidence and research...

The misunderstanding is clear - *Silence*
No one talks about Vikingsec literally hounding a suicidal trans hacker. Comradeeevee did at the time. Got me so mad I went after Vikingsec. Vikingsec literally plays the do you know who I am card, and then has to tag in his buddies because he's unable to handle himself
unless it is weighted in his favour, a bully...essentially. But that'd been coming because he'd be trotting out some fucked up Jordan Peterson style murmur national socialist shit for a bit. And got called on it, and had a tantrum for getting so

"Leave them alone 'Maid..."
Couple weeks later, the mortally morally horrified ComradeEevee is there paling back up with vikingsec. Because "career" and "reasons" - doesn't matter that hacker has gone to fucking ground, and really of the abuse they got, Vikingsec wasn't even the worst.
Poor Panther, whatever happened to Panther behind the scenes that their militancy got dulled down from out right calling people out to subtweets and lists...

Panther called them out on Adrian. This is a fucker who would dramedy unfollow you and point it out, if
you spoke ill of Jordan Peterson, or posted anything that refuted him. "Yeah he's a nazi who hates women, but he's our nazi who hates women" - white women in infosec.

y'all fucking mad, it's a sickness.
[Meanwhile European hackers trying to stay well wide of it unless they too are narcissist sociopaths]

Ah Malwaretech, lying to the entire community, and getting donations.

I remember the first stream of those and people donating and worrying about whether it was a lie..
"They were young"

"To be honest, if they snitched now on their partners I wouldn't blame them"

It's a case study exercise in celebrity personality and narcissism, and people's kindness being exploited.

Dark fucking shit.
Feel conned yet?

Nichols being called out for harassing women drunk and otherwise. What does Nichols do, lock his account, nuke his timeline, never speak of it, go to ground then reappear a little bit later...
No one thinks that is an odd reaction?

Never gets mentioned?

Sure you have hackers on sex offenders listed for statuatory rape who you follow in the thousands...

Because if it comes up, there's always some explanation for statuatory rape and grooming.
"Seriously, the child was coming right at me, and I was defenseless, so now I'm on a list, here's by big obtuse nerd speak explanation of being on a sex offender list for grooming and raping a child on Medium. I am unashamed."
Malware Jake regularly makes offensive jokes, abelist jokes, is known to be abusive to women serving staff and untoward.

Literal quote:
"He's an aspie, he doesn't know any better"
Later, there's Jake cracking jokes about Stevie Wonder being blind...
Giving shoutouts to the illmob...

Like what the shit.

Y'all either blind or terrified.

AOIghost openly plotting literal felonies with regard to Aaron Crawford babbling about them...

People like *looking at the ceiling twiddling fingers*
Emmeh aka ? ;) coming up to warn-threaten about AOI knowing "dangerous people"
(illmob always illmob people) - bring it up to anyone, they don't wanna know..mumblemumble..

It's like being in a lament configuration of high school

Except some of you earn five to six figures.
Y'all sing songs about OPSEC...but can't actually contain your narcissistic snide even for a second, wanna know an example of that? I got a good email from one of Aaron Crawford's previous placs of employment...

snide opsec fail

Actually all of you rotten to the fucking core.
Skipping back to Adrian, sure we're not even gonna talk about Adrian's "alleged" history of stalking, because it only matters if the right white girl gets stalked, seemingly, at the right time.

Because he's our Nazi who hates wimmin, and something about fucking cameras...jfc
Long threads by women who have been fucking raped, have to be dissected and picked apart, and you have the women in DM discussing whether the woman was trustworthy and this one time they may not have told the truth about who stole the bubblegum.

But yeah...
Here's an 18 Tweet thread about being raped.

*susurrus susurrus*
*death and rape threats*

*We must debate the rape*

"Well he can code very well...he's been very helpful with projects"


You know who you are.

No one of you deserve anything you have, including your livers.
None of these people deserve to be in the industry.

They're dirty fucking cops.

Maybe they're also feds, who knows. Maybe they work a couple of power and control angles while surfing the chans.

Raising the spectre of "Hacker Kiwifarms" (illmob) (from - ComradeEeevee, Emmeh)
And you there may be reading this feeling betrayed and why now. But you fucking know why now.

I had cops lie to a fucking hospital and tell them my time in Finland was a fucking delusion, I was sectioned for 21 days pending review. If i failed that review...
My next review would be in three months. Fail that? Six months. Fail that. 12 Months. And every twelve months after that.

That is - a lot - of fear to put someone with PTSD under.

Mind Prison is a hellish nightmarish place.

I was out in 12 Days.
Proved Finland had happened.
I came out to ComradeEevee and Emmeh and Aaron Crawford telling me AOIghost and Illm0b were gloating about swatting me. And they had screens to prove it...

My SWAT, being anonymous....remember...the swat that nearly got me shot twice, nearly rifle whiped, beaten, tortured....
Oh but I'm strung along with the promise of these screenshots.

Absolutely no reason to do this.

No reason to involve themselves.

And you all watched.

Yes you did, I know because I approached some of you about it.

You all fucking watched.
All the while I have weird gaslighting from ComradeEevee and Emmeh about dangerous and scary people

Like I give a fuck about basement marshmallows. Someone tried to stab out my fucking eyes and throat in Finland.

Aaron disappears....

Next up I have Emmeh and ComradeEevee
messaging me how do I know Aaron Crawford is dead.

It's literally like playing with evil 8th graders.

Except if those screenshots are real, I might be in less legal trouble with cops in trouble for FUCKING TORTURING ME AND LYING TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL.
Of course, later Jericho pops up, and I can provide the log of all of that to anyone bored enoug...right to the point where Comradeeevee has a "text breakdown" about wishing she had never got into infosec...

Except it's not a game...

I am in constant contact with the cops
Dem Bard emotion bombs have happened quite a lot. Quite a few of you have involved yourselves in them. Until I tracked down one of those people who melted in DM about just wanting to be left alone by the person because they were an abusive nut who kept sending people after them
Meanwhile back on mainstage: *waily waily*

Absolutely no reason for involving themselves in the post-aftermath of my SWAT raid and muddying the waters with the investigation and cops.


Or something else...(definitely not attempted murder right?)

But it became a bit of a jeer and game. Stringing me along.
What about DianaInitiative, liking posts about associates slandering me.

Key members doing a bit of the misgender, victim shame dogpile.

Woeful, empty people pretending to be inclusive...for brownie points
Or Networkpacket...who decided I did not have PTSD...and during a bad PTSD period due to legal pressure and death threats and my landlord letting himself into my apartment while I was asleep, was wrecked with serious suicidal ideation related to that, stress and PTSD
And he decided to try and in his own words "experiment with me" and tried to troll, harass and talk me into suicide.

I didn't need much of a push.

Good job I woke up eh?
And I have Emmeh, and members of Threadzilla and Aaron Crawford covering for networkpacket, advising me against taking it public and to let it drop and "the infosec community will not take kindly to you revealing this and will go after you"
"They tried to experiment Social Engineer me into killing myself because they did not believe I had PTSD"

"And when it blew up in their face the next day...they tried to bribe my silence"

(all screenshotted)

Emmeh, ComradeEevee, HavokChaos and others
"Keep it quiet, ssh"
None of you deserve to be working.

You're dirty fucking cops.

Who get off on hurting strangers. Seeing how far you can go. Suicide monopoly.

And then there's nite0wl pretending Emmeh doesn't exist in DM to me...

Explaining away ComradeEevee telling me to kill myself...
But then it's lie them demonising @find_evil for requesting oversight on things...

Vilifying her, and tricking people into dogpiling


Bards is their thing...

Bitching to high heaven..

Until they've got their pound of flesh
Four weeks later they're in Jackie's employment discord feigning ignorance and playing dumb and can't quite remember...

And then people like @RayRedacted ask what's happening, but it's too surreal and much for them to take in

And others ask "What's this about the abortion compilation and your beef with microsoft"

And you have to explain being harassed via support calls, 1 student, 1 cripple
Until chuckling microsoft people had run up over €350+ euros in bills on support calls, for a Reproductive Charity Project....to try and keep it running as Microsoft laughingly kept shutting it down...

For 1 Student
And 1 person on disability...
And MS folk continued taunting it, and Carmen continued slandering.

But then, back during I think it was the Vegas Gun Massacre, the bodies weren't even cold when Hacks4Pancakes started passive aggressive
"If you want to talk about gun ownership, we can do it here sensibly and politely in this thread." And people like usrbinpikachu joining her "for sensible gun debate and a reasoned explanation as to why guns were safe, why it was okay to have them and correct gun safety"
that soulless cunt started that debate gun control damage limitation thread before people had even finished dying.

And you all suck her toes.

Whilst she pretends to understand human emotions?

Fucking WOW.
Or Blackroomsec, Tara is it? In another one of her hacker sermons signing it off with if you don't behave you could get swatted...

The fuck?

If you don't behave people will murder you by cop?

And you all applaude.

You're all fucking broken people.

And deserve only the void.
And that's not even everything or everybody....

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