- Bts did not pave the way ( many other groups paved the way but bts helped a big amount)
- Not liking all songs by your faves is okay ( you don’t always have to like all the songs your faves put out. We all have different taste when it comes to music.)
- Idols that aren’t Asian do not deserve hate ( they trained, practiced, and work for where they got. If y’all wanna hate on anyone hate on their entertainment company)
- Switching up concepts is ok ( I remember when all y’all complained when girl groups did cute concepts but now that their doing girl crush y’all hating on them still)
- Hating on groups and members isn’t okay ( you can dislike a member or group just don’t send hate to them on the internet plz. Like I don’t like Jennie from blackpink but I don’t say mean things on the internet where she can see it)
- Just because one member has a scandal and leaves the group doesn’t mean the whole group is a flop ( like when you know who left BigBang the other members are getting hate but they didn’t do anything)
- Idols dating is okay ( many idols have dating scandals but it’s not a thing to be scandalous. It’s a normal thing to date, you guys act like you had a chance to date them or marry them. Like let them be happy if that one person makes them happy.)
Solo stans aren’t toxic ( only a few of solo stans are toxic and we don’t claim them. They can go cause only like one member is ok but again just don’t hate on the other members.)
Also I don’t call myself a army because they are too toxic, I just support the boys. Plus this thread isn’t any hate or anything it’s just my opinions and if you can’t respect that please leave.
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