The @GenFlynn case is the greatest atrocity and blight on the face of the Justice Deptartment I’ve ever seen. The whole thing is atrocious. The Government made up the case from the beginning. @SidneyPowell1 #ExonerateGenFlynn @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #ClearFlynnNow
We only learned this Dec 2019 in evidence that should have been produced long ago the FBI sent an agent into what was suppose to be a Pres briefing on Aug 17 2016 before the election to collect info on General Flynn to assess him incase they needed to interview him if Trump Won.
The timeline is this...
Strzok and Paige text about insurance policy Aug 15. On
Aug 16 they opened the case against Flynn. On Aug 17 they sent this agent to the President daily briefing to spy on Flynn and Trump to collect info. Then that same agent interviewed Flynn on Jan 24th
On top of that their notes dont match the 302 they generated in their FBI report. They produced multiple drafts that show significant changes things where added into the report that they then alleged where false statements made by Flynn that are not in their notes at all.
The whole case is made up. It exemplifies every single thing wrong with our Judicial System. Judge Sullivan just denied every shred of Brady material including the actual docs that even the Government acknowledged contained exculpatory evidence.
First they crush you with threats of imprisonment for life. Then bleed you dry of legal fees to the point you have to sell your house and empty all your savings and start a public legal  then threaten indicting your Son if you dont take the guilty plea.
FBI agents including McCabe and the General Council of the FBI skeemed and planned how to interview General Flynn to keep him off guard without him even knowing hes the subject of the interview not to mention not warning him of any rights or they were investigating him at all.
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