1/8I have not been tweeting much because I am not quite sure what to say. A crisis like this (largely self inflicted) should be bringing people closer together but it is dividing us further. Politicians are increasing their own pay when average Canadians are suffering.
2/8 Teachers, after going on rotating strikes, causing trouble for parents, are now only required to submit assignments online and maybe do some instructional videos (1-2 hours max) while still getting a full pay. Parents have to set up everything on their own at home.
3/8 Mainstream media still keeps repeating the lie that China only has 4000 death. Logic wise, this does not make sense. A nation of approx. 1.5 billion only has 4000 death? Italy has only approx. 60 million ppl and they have over 13000 ppl dead and even that # is suspicious
4/8 Agree or disagree with Trump, at a time like this, American should be rooting for their President to be successful and yet, we still get #OrangeManBad. Media in both CND and US is being bailout as part of the "stimulus package. No one cares about ordinary Cdns…..disgraceful
5/8 We are still putting illegal aliens ahead of ordinary Canadians and Americans and European at a time like this. In France, some district that are majority of certain ethnic/religious group are not strictly being quarantine.
6/8 The government is increasing their power at a time like this and they won't give it up after the crisis is over, which is leading even my liberal acquaintance to think that this is a vast conspiracy done on purpose. Your going to be fine $5000 in TO for being in park.....
7/8 Which will probably work for a short while. 5 months or a year later, there will probably be 100 of thousands of people just ignoring the quarantine and the government will never be able to fine or arrest all of them. Ordinary citizens have much power but choose not to use it
8/8 There are already many riots in various country due to food shortages or people simply not willing to be lockup for an extended period of time. We did not have a good crop season last year due to weather calamity, which mainstream media did not bother to report.
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