There are 11,283 identified cases of #COVID19 in Canada as of this evening & at least 138 deaths. And based on hospitalization/ICU admissions reported by provinces this week, there doesn’t appear to be much reason to be optimistic about our curve-flattening yet. In fact...
I’ve heard so many stories this week of people who are still getting together with friends, with the rationalization of “Well neither of us are sick.” But in fact, maybe you are. Maybe you’re one of the people who shows few #COVID19 symptoms but is still passing it to others.
We are in the midst of a global pandemic that is just about to really take off in Canada. I realize the weather is warming up in some parts and it’s tempting to socialize. But the more people think this way, the greater danger we are all in.
Around 10% of ppl hospitalized with #COVID19 in Canada are under 40. This disease can affect anyone & will devastate our health-care system if we let it. So whether you’re 15 or 50: Stay home as much as possible & stay 6 feet apart from anyone you don’t live with when you’re out.
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