Earlier this week, @CMA_Docs conducted a rapid 📊 to collect feedback from #physicians on the frontline of #COVID19 about personal protective equipment ( #PPE)

In 48 hours, almost 5,000 members had responded. Here are key findings 👇
More than 1/3 physicians in community care (office-based, walk-in clinics) believe they will run out of respirators ( #N95 masks), eye/face shields and goggles/glasses within <2️⃣ days or had already run out.
71% of #physicians in community care have tried to order supplies in the past month: <15% received confirmation that supplies were en route or had been received.

In Nova Scotia: only 2% of physicians indicated that their recent order had been received or was being shipped.
RE: alternate supply sources:

1/10 physicians waiting on supplies was aware of a government source of supply, with the rate being highest in #Alberta (26%) and lowest in #NovaScotia (5%) and #NewBrunswick (0%)
#Physicians in hospital settings were largely unaware how long the current supply in their practice would last and many respondents are being asked to ration supplies.

#PersonalProtectiveEquipment #PPE
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