I'd like to properly introduce the "ONE PACE" version of the ONE PIECE anime and why I (die-hard fan for 13 years) believe it's the best One Piece experience. I'll try to explain why so pls give me a chance

One PACE is a project that condenses One Piece episodes and reduces the "stretching" Toei does due to catching up to the Manga.

Example 1:
One PACE does NOT remove Canon material, Flashbacks, all filler, etc. Only stretched scenes and recaps are shortened/Cut. In fact, One PACE is incredibly faithful to the Manga.

Example 2:
(4 min 30 secs were saved by this edit alone. Full link: https://streamable.com/m7492m )
"Good" Filler is usually kept and decided by consensus on whether it makes the Ep. More enjoyable. The goal is NOT to make the Anime as fast as possible. Just as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Example 3:
One PACE project is full of talented people that have been working for 7 years for FREE. Their quality has drastically improved and they aim to do ALL of One Piece.

The site is http://onepace.net 
Give it a try I promise you won't regret it! :)

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