Thread: The curious case of CJ Pearson

First remember what I said about Candace Owens being groomed to be what she is today? Yeah well last week we found out that Charlie Kirk taught her everything she knows about Black History....
What you have to understand is that the Boule operates on both sides of the spectrum. Furthermore in you don't choose to be in Politics you are selected and groom to be in it. A prime example of this is Condoleezza Rice. She was hand picked and groomed to be where she is today.
Which brings me back to CJ. He did not decide to go to Howard. His handlers told him he was going to Howard. Republicans understand that in the near future the Blk vote is going to be needed. They can no longer just rely on the wyt vote and they'll need to start competing for Blk
In short CJ is being groomed to be the Black Representative for the Republican party. It's one thing to say I'm a Republican that graduated form Stanford or Yale it's something completely different to say I'm a Republican who graduted from Howard.
Republican Party has big plans for CJ hence why they picked Howard. Close to DC and adds a prominent HBCU to his resume. Makes for a great taking point when going against Black Dems who went to a PWI.
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