This will be a #CoV19 Thread. Much of the info you have seen, some of it is my own math projections. The one thing I wanted to share to Twitter is ER Advice from a Dr in NOLA that I have only seen on FB so far. It is dismal material so I will try to keep it light hearted

I cleaned up this message,broke it into paragraphs and highlighted a few things. I am not a doctor so I don't understand all the jargon. If any of my doctor friends ID things I should take down I will, but I think this info needs to be circulated.

What I take (by reading between the lines)from that one above is that when hospitals hit capacity the 14% that require hospitalization lose the chance to fight it and become critical as well.

Which is why I say when we hit capacity fatality hops from 3-5% to 20%

Too much ER Doctor jargon in here for me to withdraw anything useful to the lay people, but I feel Doctor's that have not faced a lot of cases of #CoV19 yet should get this info

Again this is for the doctors on the ground. Plz get this info to them if you can.

Intubation is not an assurance of survival. People only have a14-30% chance of survival once it gets to that point.

This is more info that is more useful to doctors on the ground, not us the concerned citizens on Twitter. I don't take credit for this, it came from friend of friend of friend through FB sharing. I'm not a doctor.


OK gonna take a beat and circle back. Rock out to @samanthajayne from #CAKEFX. We'll talk Exponential numbers next.

OK I broke to eat dinner too. Still have my appetite, which is good cause losing it is a #CoV19 symptom.

So. Exponential numbers.

Basically the doubling every 3-4 days we see is exponential movement.

If you still don't get the idea, here's a visualization. The longer the pattern holds the quicker the spread is, the more massive the spread is. That is how #CoV19 will continue to spread unless we flatten the curve.

My own projections were a bit off last week because I was expecting doubling every 2-3 days, but it is currently doubling every 3-4. I will do numbers again Saturday after we meet my Friday night projection 7k dead (or not)

Sheer population density is taking its toll on NYC which is now the global epicenter. This was two weeks ago.

As long as NYC is dependent on their subway system to get their workers to the hospitals (and shipping centers) we will not be able to flatten the curve.

I had been using WaPo's page to follow stats but I don't think they're staying on top of it properly, so this is now my primary source for following deaths/infections.

Another quick musical interlude as I finish eating.

This is @lkx47 Leikeli47, my current favorite rapper.

"miss miss miss me with the bullshit"

This one is a long musical Interlude so I can have some ice cream then brush my teeth.

"Lucy took a walk, now Lucy's dead."


Ok gonna pause for another Musical Interlude then close out with hopeful and helpful stuff.

It has been theorized that Trumpov & perhaps some other ppl in his circle have been taking HIV meds that 'may' work to preventive/suppress bad case of #CoV19. His paint job would cover it but it causes blotches on the skin from what I understand.
#GOPutin use is theoretical.

Being stuck at home doesn't mean we're helpless. There are things we can be doing.


I am working on some of these soon.

Some people are going above and beyond the call of duty.

Find productive things to do, eat healthy, use sani every 15 minutes and do your Social Distancing. It feels like the end of the world, but MOST of us will get through this.

Thx for reading. I hope some of it helps somebody somewhere. I'll leave you with one last song from that time @SPRORGNSM was on #LegionFX.

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