Times are tough right now. It’s a tricky time for brands also.

In unprecedented times, people have to try new things. Many of the ideas won’t work & will be ill advised.


The amount of fellow industry people slamming their colleagues’ ideas seems so unnecessary (Cont.).
When you work in this biz, your work is subject to lots of scrutiny from the public.

And fact is, as long as work is being done by humans, judgement won’t always be perfect.

But knowing the amount of scrutiny & criticism we all face anyway, why do we attack each other? (Cont)
It’s not that ideas won’t deserve criticism—many will.

But why do we have to join the pile onto our own? ESPECIALLY PUBLIC.

When 💩 gets churned too much, it could even put colleagues’ jobs kk jeopardy. It could just as easily be you (Cont.)
I speak to many of you privately & a common complaint is that companies won’t let you try new things.

Well...this culture is part of the reason why.

Because if every new idea that doesn’t work gets this treatment, it pressures companies to remain bland. & lousy on social(Cont.)
Especially now, how about we stay positive?

Uplift & highlight good work. If something goes badly, stay out of it publicly.


This also goes for those who lurk & like the attack tweets, rather than posting themselves.

PSA: Everyone sees your likes. You’re not fooling anyone
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